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A natural, healthy tan and that just-back-from-a-holiday glow all year long? It’s possible with spray tanning.

Tell the tanning salon (and those tanning lotion disasters) bye bye. Also for people who aren’t allowed to go in to the sun because of health issues, this is a great and safe option.

Before the spray tan:
On the day of the pray tan:
After the spray tan:
How does spray tanning work?
How to keep my tan?
Before the spray tan:
  • Scrub your skin before the treatment to get rid of dead skin cells and don’s use any oils.


  • Shaving (24 hours), waxing (48 hours) before your treatment or your skin is too sensitive.


  • Don’t use any shower gel, body lotion, deodorant or perfume right before your spray tan. Preferably paint your nails to keep the color from coloring your nails.
On the day of the pray tan:
  • Right before, clean your body using only warm water.


  • Use no makeup or day cream on your face (you can leave your eye makeup on).


  • Wear dark, loose fitting clothes (just in case).
After the spray tan:
  • The tanning lotion dries while applying, however it needs time to prces on the skin. Our advice is to wait until 8 hours after the treatment to take a shower.


  • Stay away from water and excessive sweating (no working out) until after those 8 hours (and your first shower).


  • To keep the colour at it’s best we advice a hydrating shower gel and moisturizing body lotion.


  • We don’t advice going to the sauna, this will speed up the skin renewal process.
How does spray tanning work?

With the help of a special tanning machine DHA (a tanning solution) will be sprayed over the skin. DHA has been used in the beauty industry since 1960 and is absolutely safe (especially compared to UV radiation.)

Dihydroxyacetone is a natural sugar that works on both the first layer of the skin and dead skin cells. The result? An instantly tanned skin, just how tanned you will be depends on how well you prepared your skin and the color you decide on together with your specialist.

How to keep my tan?

Depending on your skin type and how well you take care of it the color will stay for 5 til 10 days. It’s important to pat dry after showering instead of rubbing and hydrate the skin with a body lotion. If some spots of tan stay even after those 10 days you can easily remove them using a body scrub.

Prices for both men & women

Spray Tanning               €35,00

Body & Face

Spray Tanning                €22,50

Face & Torso

Spray Tanning               €22,50




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