Vinylux CND Skin Tease


Vinylux CND Skin Tease

  • Long Wear nail polish that lasts 7+ days
  • Top Coat has a quick-drying formula, which extends wearability thanks to natural light**
  • Contains jojoba oil, keratin and vitamin E for nail care
  • Cruelty-free & 7Free*
  • Available in 150+ fashion colors


Vinylux CND Skin Tease

VINYLUX™ is a Long Wear nail polish that lasts no less than 7 days in combination with the Top Coat. VINYLUX™ is quick and easy to apply in two steps. The Color Coat has superior adhesion thanks to the built-in Base Coat and has a shorter drying time than traditional nail polish! The unique effect of the Top Coat prevents yellowing of Color Coat, protects and ensures continuous curing through exposure to natural light. nourishing SolarOil™ ** Due to the natural, constant hardening of VINYLUX™ Top Coat, we recommend removing VINYLUX™ after 7 days.

* 7 Free: free from Parabens, Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde resin, Camphor & Xylene

How to use:

A clean, well-prepared nail is important before applying VINYLUX™. Therefore, clean the nails thoroughly with ScrubFresh™ by making scrubbing movements over the nail plate with a cellulose swab. ScrubFresh™ contains no real scrub particles so it does not damage the nails! Then apply a thin layer of VINYLUX™ and let dry. Apply an additional layer if desired. Don’t forget to take the ‘free edge’ with you, this will seal the free edge and you can enjoy it for an extra long time. Then apply a layer of Top Coat and let dry. Tip: Apply SolarSpeed ​​Spray™ after 1 minute for faster drying results. Take care of the nails daily with nourishing SolarOil™. VINYLUX™ is easy to remove by applying Offly Fast™ to a cotton pad.


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