Tends skin refillable roll-on system


This new System offers all the benefits of our old trusted TendSkin skin lotion, but you can now apply the lotion very dosed. This new package is not only “Airline Legal” but also refillable. Use the standard TendSkin packaging for this. The chance that this bottle is seized by customs is hereby excluded. Shaving, waxing, epilation or electric hair removal? You can apply TendSkin with the Roll-On System inexpensively and easily

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TendSkin contains ingredients that work in two parts. Firstly, this lotion disinfects and cleans the infected pores, reducing swelling and killing bacteria. Secondly, TendSkin ensures that dry, dead skin cells are removed so that any ingrown hairs are released.

Your skin is clean, pure and feels silky smooth.
TendSkin can be applied immediately after hair removal.

Suitable for: Face | Neck | Armpits | Bikini line | Legs

Can be used in combination with shaving, epilation, waxing, electric hair removal and even after a laser treatment!


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