Rose Gold Lash Applicator


  • Handy and sturdy design
  • Rose gold color
  • Makes lash application super easy!
  • The perfect makeup bag accessory
  • Compact for easy travel


The Maria Malki Lash Applicator is a handy tool that helps you easily apply eyelashes. Thanks to the special design you can place the eyelashes exactly where necessary. This way you can apply them close to your natural lashes! The rose gold design looks super chic among your other makeup products. This item is a must have!


  • Take the eyelashes out of the packaging and apply a layer of eyelash glue
  • Let the eyelash glue dry for at least 30 seconds or use the magic liner
  • Press the lashes against your lash line in the desired location
  • Let go of the lash and then press it firmly along your entire lash line
  • Squeeze the false eyelashes together with your natural eyelashes with the applicator


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