Revitalash eyebrow serum


Do you naturally have thin eyebrows? Or have you plucked your eyebrows for so long that they have become too narrow, also called overplucking? Then you probably dream of a beautiful pair of eyebrows. Eyebrows make your face speak! In addition, striking, full eyebrows are a real trend. The specially developed RevitaBrow makes your eyebrows look fuller and healthier. Who doesn’t want that?

The RevitaBrow eyebrow serum (3.0 ml) is full of caring ingredients. Consider the patented BioPeptin Complex, antioxidants and vitamin B. Together these ingredients are the panacea for beautiful eyebrows. For optimum results, apply the serum to your eyebrows every day for twelve weeks.


BioPeptin Complex : rich in biotin, green tea extract, panthenol, peptides. Provides strong, soft eyebrows.

Swertia Japonica & amp; Panax Ginseng: vegetable extracts with a high content of antioxidants and vitamin B. Helps to protect and revitalize the eyebrows.

Calendula: moisturizes the eyebrows so that they do not become dry and brittle.



Step 1: </ strong> Use the eyebrow serum daily on dry, clean skin.

Step 2: </ strong> Apply RevitaBrow to your entire eyebrows of the thinning areas with short movements.

Step 3: </ strong> Use RevitaBrow consistently every day for 12 weeks for the best results. Then use the eyebrow serum three to four times a week to keep track of your beautiful, full eyebrows.

Keep in mind that results may differ per person. </ em>