Make-up kwasten set Face


  • The latest technology in the field of hair, called crystal fiber, which ensures better absorption of powders and a nicer application.
  • Very good quality, also suitable for professionals.
  • Solid wood handle.
  • Color: Soft pink & logo using hot stamping.
  • Hypoallergenic and antibacterial.
  • Cruelty free & vegan.
  • Inc brush for: Foundation, Blush, Bronzer/contour, highlighter, concealer, powder, Loose powder.



The Maria Malki Cosmetics Face Brush Set has been carefully composed and combines 7 of the most popular brushes for Professional and Private use. The brushes are all handmade, they feel soft on the skin and fit firmly in the hand. With a soft pink color theme and the wide variety of brushes, this collection has a brush for every desired purpose. The bristles are made of Crystal fiber, specially designed to absorb creams, gels and powders. Each set comes in a beautiful bag with a satin look, a beautiful box and a brush guide with an explanation of the set and each individual brush, maintenance and tips. Naturally, all brushes are completely cruelty-free & vegan (Peta certified).

This set includes

Brush number 1: Large Powder Brush
For applying loose powders, blending and applying powders for the body.

Brush number 2: Foundation Brush
For applying & blending liquid foundations & cream contour.

Brush number 3: Angled Blush, Bronzer & Contour Brush
For applying Blush, Bronzer and Contour.

Brush number 4: Blush, Bronzer & Contour Brush
For applying Blush, Bronzer and Contour. This brush is slightly firmer than brush number 3 (good for applying cream products and a more pigmented effect).

Brush number 5: Small Powder Brush
For applying and removing loose setting powder & applying solid powders.

Brush number 7: Concealer Buffer Brush
For applying and blending concealer and color correction.

Brush number 15: Highlighter Brush
Brush for applying highlighter.


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