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Perfectly ‘made-up’ eyelashes, without a trace of make-up.

A natural effect with the much needed wow factor. You achieve that with our Lash extentions. Each individual eyelash hair is extended with a separate eyelash extension, resulting in a natural effect and ‘open’ look. The extensions are made of a high quality antiallergic material with that is fuller at the base and gradually thins towards the end, actually exactly like a natural eyelash hair. They are attached to the natural eyelashes with a special bonder that stays soft and flexible and does not damage the natural eyelash. The eyelashes (for an extension, no less than 60 to 90 hairs are used) are attached per hair to your own eyelash(es). Mascara is a thing of the past (although you can still use it on the extensions), these eyelash extensions give a whole new dimension to that just-out-of-bed look. As if that is not enough, the extentions are also painless and resistant to water, tears, light, sun and sea.

The eyelash extensions remain (on average) 1 month, depending on the lifespan of your own lashes (this is also one month). In order to maintain beautiful full lashes and the desired result, we advise to have a refill treatment every 3 to 4 weeks.