Foaming Gel Ingrown-X-it


The anti-Bump foam has a new name! With Lemon Tea Tree, Arnica and Calendula! Purifying body wash turns into a foam, getting rid of inflammation and ingrown hairs. TIP use for shaving!



Effect: With Lemon Tea Tree, Arnica and Calendula! Anti Bump Foaming (foaming) Gel is very effective against ingrown hairs and irritations. Soothes and combats emerging pimples/pimples on the body and face. Protects the PH balance of the skin and ensures clean, soft and smooth skin. Fantastic for home use after wax treatments, can also be used as a shaving gel!


What it’s good for: Ingrown-X-it Foaming Gel is very effective at minimizing the appearance of ingrown hairs and it helps minimize breakouts all over the body and face. It gently soothes and decongest blocked pores, while protecting the skin’s pH balance, leaving skin feeling clean, soft and smooth.

Use the ingrown foaming gel as a shower gel and clean with water after use.


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