Dipbrow Pomade


dipbrow pomade
Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW® Pomade is a full-pigment, waterproof pomade that can be used to fill in and detail brows. The long-lasting, buildable formula glides on, dries down completely and stays put, giving you effortless, natural-looking textured brows with ease.

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Dipbrow Pomade

-Waterproof formula is long-wearing and won’t budge
-Allows for versality in application, from natural to bold
-Pomade formula allows for smooth application and hairlike texture
-Waterproof formula allows time for blending before it sets
-Available in 11 shades

How To Use Dipbrow Pomade

-For precise application, work the product from side to side on the top of the cap using Brush 12.
-Because Brush 12 is synthetic, it works perfectly with cream formulas and is ideal for creating thin, hairlike strokes and for outlining and detailing the brow.
-Start with a minimal amount of product on Brush 12.
-Using the spoolie end of the brush, comb brow hairs upward, then outline the lower arch with the brush end.
-Blend using the spoolie end.
-Next, brush hairs downward, outline the upper arch and lightly blend.
-Start filling inside the brow in the same direction that the hairs grow naturally.
-Continue blending through the brow during application for the most natural-looking results.
-Finish by filling in the front of the brow using the remaining product on the brush, creating a softer gradient effect at the front end of the brow.



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