Deodorant Cucumber & Aloe Vera 30 ml


Natuurlijke Cucumber & Aloe Vera deodorant stick zonder aluminium, die echt werkt. Gebaseerd op kokosolie, natriumbicarbonaat en nog meer fijne ingrediënten die goed zijn voor je huid en je beschermen tegen zweetgeur. Door de toevoeging van zinkoxide werkt deze deo ook perfect tegen de geur van hormoonzweet, emotiezweet en stresszweet. Bevat geen bijenwas, maar bessenwas. Daarmee is hij helemaal vegan.

Cucumber & Aloe Vera is a natural perfume with the fresh scent of cucumber.

  • Does not close off your sweat glands, but immediately neutralizes sweat odor\
  • With zinc oxide against stress, emotional and hormonal sweat
  • With the fresh scent of cucumber

Contents: 30ml




The Cucumber & Aloe Vera deo does not contain beeswax, but berry wax. This makes this deodorant completely vegan. Beeswax is still used in the other Loveli deodorants. Beeswax is collected by bees, but it does come from plants. This means that the other deodorants are natural but not vegan. But because this deodorant makes us and our Lovelees so happy, we may switch completely to vegan deodorants in the future ;-).

Baking soda neutralizes odors

This Cucumber & Aloe Vera deodorant is the answer if you are looking for a deodorant without aluminum that really works. Coconut oil nourishes your skin and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) neutralizes sweat odors. With arrowroot and shea butter for soft skin. And vitamin E as an antioxidant. 100% Natural.

The Loveli deodorant does not close off your skin and sweat glands. This keeps you sweating to eliminate waste products and regulate your body temperature. The deodorant ensures that you do not smell of sweat, but you will continue to sweat because sweating is healthy :-).

Zinc oxide for extra protection against stress sweat

The Cucumber & Aloe Vera deo contains zinc oxide to protect you against stress and hormone sweat. This type of sweat is different from sweat caused by heat and exertion. It is thicker and yellower and contains more fatty acids than regular sweat. The bacteria on your skin love these fatty acids. When these bacteria come into contact with the fatty acids in your sweat, sweat odor is created.

Zinc oxide in the Loveli deo converts the fatty acids in your sweat into odorless zinc salts before the bacteria can do their work. What makes zinc a twice as strong weapon against sweat odors is that it is also antibacterial! The deodorant means that there are fewer bacteria on your skin that can cause unpleasant sweat odors.

1. Unscrew the cap of the deodorant. You can use the deodorant straight away or turn it up a little from the bottom before using it.


2. Apply or stamp a thin layer of deodorant under your armpits once a day. Make sure you always use a small amount of the deodorant.


3. Let the deodorant soak in for a few minutes before putting on your clothes. Use less or spread it if you see or feel it.

  • Do not use the deodorant if you suffer from irritated or damaged skin.
  • Due to the high concentration of baking soda, you only need a small amount of the Loveli deodorant. If you use too much, you will quickly use up the deodorant and run the risk of irritation.
  • The zinc oxide in the deodorant can leave a light white cast under your armpits. This haze disappears quickly. Do you still see a white haze under your armpits after a few minutes? Then you can use a little less of the deodorant or you can spread it more.
  • Stop using the deodorant if you suffer from a rash, irritation or if your skin does not respond well to the deodorant in any other way.
  • When your skin has recovered after irritation, you can try the deodorant again. Please note that you only use a thin layer once a day. If applying less does not help, you can try the  Sensitive Skin mini
  •  This deodorant is slightly less effective against sweat odors, but is gentler on sensitive skin.

  • The deodorant is 7 cm high and contains 30 ml of deodorant. This size will last you at least 6 weeks.
  • If you used a deodorant with aluminum before this, you may (temporarily) sweat more or smell like sweat. For most people, this passes after a few days and you no longer smell anything. Wash (or scrub) your armpits extra during this period with a mild detergent. And hang in there! Fortunately, the detox only lasts a short time. Read more about detoxing here.
  • Wait a while before using the deodorant after you have shaved your armpits or removed hair in another way. If you shave your armpits in the evening, you can use the deodorant again in the morning.
  • The deodorant is not soluble in water, so you need a mild detergent to wash your armpits.
    Is your deodorant not running properly or no longer? Then put it in the freezer overnight. Then let it thaw for a while, of course, and it will often do it again :-).
  • You can refill your deodorant about 2 to 3 times without any problems refill. Afterwards, the rotating mechanism of the holder may no longer function smoothly. Then it is better to order a new deodorant stick instead of just a refill.
  • The packaging is made of polypropylene (plastic). It can be recycled with the rest of your plastic waste, but it is even more environmentally friendly to refill it with a refill. You will find the refill for the 30 ml here.

The Cucumber & Aloe Vera Deodorant consists of (in order of quantity): Coconut oil, Sodium bicarbonate, Berry wax, Shea butter, Jojoba oil (pearls), Zinc oxide, Arrowroot powder, Perfume (natural), Aloe Vera (powder), Vitamin E (Tocopherol), Sunflower oil .
INCI: Cocos Nucifera Oil, Sodium Bicarbonate, Rhus Verniciflua Cera, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Hydrogenated Jojoba Oil, Zinc Oxide (Uncoated, Non-Nano), Maranta Arundinacea Root Powder, Parfum, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder, Tocopherol, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil .


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