Brow pencil

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brow pencil
Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil features a wax-based formula on one end for filling in and defining brows and a custom spoolie on the other end for seamless blending. The wax formula goes on smoothly, letting you create natural-looking texture throughout the brow while delivering a matte finish.

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-Includes a soft, durable spoolie for blending
-Is easy to use and offers maximum control
-Can be sharpened to a fine point for precise filling in and defining brows
-Available in 8 shades

how to apply

-Using the spoolie end, brush brow hairs upward and then begin defining and filling in the lower arch of the brow.
-Next, comb brow hairs downward to fill in the tail end of the brow.
-Continuously comb through the hairs during application to achieve a natural-looking brow.
-Finish by filling in the front end of the brow with minimal product in the direction that the brow hairs grow naturally.


Additional information


Blond, Taupe, Meduim brown, Dark brown, Caramel, Soft brown, Granite


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